Found Poetry

Heres some poetry I created using some creative and fun methods.

Book Spine Poem: “Beware”


Blackout Poem: “Limitless”


Magnetic Poem: “A Nice Day”

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 9.10.53 AM

Google Search Poem: “How to do …”

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 10.29.19 AM



Breaking down the Senses Part I: VISUAL PERCEPTION

5. Mr. Seymour hints that we consider things beautiful that are “stupefyingly difficult” or even painful to do. Provide an example.


As people, we seek perfection which is nearly impossible to achieve. Several examples of things made to be beautiful through difficult perfection include pictures of models, sleek car designs, macbooks, high quality cell phones, and home design.

Perception of Parkour

For this TOK project, Vitor, Joey, Brandon, and me decided to make a video about the perception of parkour. We tried to use video retiming, such as slow motion to show the motion senses the actors were experiencing while performing stunts. It can be very difficult to invoke this kind of sense perception in a viewer from only a video. I feel that we did an adequate job taking the 30 minute filming time limit into account.

TOK Cheating VLOG

In this VLOG, I discuss cheating and what it means to me. I discuss cheating in several different ways in life. I did this video in response to the recent lessons about cheating in the LJA Theory of Knowledge Class.

This was supposed to be posted to WordPress on December 2nd, when the video was uploaded to YouTube, but I think there was an error because it never posted.